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Welcome to A Scouts/Guides

Welcome To A Scouts and Guides

The wishes and aspirations of Lord Powell were shattered and bottlenecked. The main problems and loopholes are monopoly and dominance of few A scouts and guides organization, dormant/unclear policy of government, failure of government before international organizations, political intervention and, no proper encouragement. Consequently the scouts and guides programme floated by the government and allocation of crores of rupee to the sector have not yielded the desired results. The benefits of the scouts and guides programme could not reach to all the school and college students due to the non utilization and inefficient utilization of resources.

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Scouts and Guides Prayer

Vah shakti hame do dayaanidhe, Kartavya maarg par dat djaaye, Par sevaa par upkaar me ham, Nij jeevan safal banaa jaaye,

Ham deen dukhi nibalo vikalo, Ke sevak ban santaap hare, Jo ho atke bhoole bhatke, Unko taare khud tar jaaye,

Chhal dvesh dambh paakhand jhooth, Anyaay se nisi din door rahe, Jeevan ho shuddha saral apnaa, Shuchi prem sudha ras barsaaye,

Nij aan maan maryaada kaa, Prabhu dhyaan rahe abhimaan rahe, Jis punya dhara par janm liyaa, Balidaan usi par ho jaaye,

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